Facial aesthetic


Facial rejuvenation, fillinf of wrinkles and lips with hyaluronic acids

Hylauronic acid is a substance that is a normal part of our skin, but that diminishes as one gets older. The injections with hylauronic acid of non animal origin are perfectly tolerated by the skin and are not permanent; however they ameliorate considerably the skin and tone and are very effective correcting and filling wrinkles at the same time giving more volume and contour to the lips.

Hylauronic acid exists in different densities and allows treatment of wrinkles, wrinkles around the lips, nasal to mouth wrinkles, lines that appear from the nose to the chin, the wrinkles around the eyes and wrinkles caused by facial expressions.

Regular injections with hylauronic acid, using the mesotherapy technique, allows us to maintain a profound hydration of the skin, increasing the production of collagen and improving the muscle tone avoiding slackness of the skin and compensate the harming effects of the sun to the facial skin. The treatments are being practiced every 6 months or every year, depending on diverse factors. These are non surgical treatments that have no effect on the facial muscles, which means that no facial expressions are being altered. The result is absolutely natural.