Child and adults orthodontics

Aesthetic and functional corrections at any age


Many adult patients have their doubts whether to undergo an orthodontic treatment, because they think that they are too old to do this or they are so used to seeing their own badly positioned teeth, or they do not want the discomfort of wearing braces or are afraid it will give problems in their jobs, etc.

The patients generally think that the main goal of Orthodontics is the correct positioning of the teeth, which is an error. It is so much more than that. Correctly positioned teeth are not only of aesthetic value, but they also function in a better way: when they bite or chew they do this simultaneously, dividing equal pressure on all teeth. This way the joints of the jaw will work better. We call this a good occlusion.

A good occlusion avoids teeth to work excessively, which after a long time could cause them to lose bone mass and consequently turn bad. Moreover, when the occlusion is not well balanced the joints of the jaw do not function properly and this can cause facial pain and contractions of the neck and the head.

It is also important to highlight that a correct positioning of the teeth contributes to a better dental hygiene. Teeth that are crooked or partly on top of one another are more difficult to clean and therefore candidates to all types of dental pathology and are consequently the first teeth to lose. Having all this in mind we should know that an orthodontic treatment is recommended, taking into consideration the health and aesthetic benefits, especially in cases of a poor occlusion and a bad positioning of the dental pieces, no matter the age of the patient.    This is why in this year and age more and more adults have no problem wearing brackets and are even proud of them. However invisible treatments do exist for those who, because of their image, prefer not to wear the visible brackets.