CEREC by Sirona

Zirconium crows and prosthetic pieces; best easthetics and biocompatibility

We are one of the few practices in Spain that uses the CEREC system by Sirona. It is a sophisticated Cad-cam system that allows us to manufacture crowns without metal by computer design and with an astounding precision and level of aesthetics.

One of the most important recent discoveries in the field of Dentistry is the use of zirconium to make crowns on top of natural roots as well as on implants as complete structures in fixed rehabilitations on implants.

Zirconium gives us the advantage of being able to replace metal and ceramics that until recently were the only systems available for this type of rehabilitations.

By replacing the metal in the structure we are able grant the patient greater biocompatibility of prosthetic pieces, which will be tolerated better by the gums, and also to prevent risks for allergies to metal in people who are prone to them.

Another important reason to recommend Zirconium ceramic pieces is aesthetics. Since this material is white and has transparency it allows us to carry out prostheses with even more natural and bright effects. On the other hand, as there is no metal structure underneath the ceramic piece, the typical dark edges will never show up even when the gums start receding over time.

More information:www.zirkonzahn.comwww.cereconline.com