Implant replacement of one tooth

An implant makes it possible to substitute a deteriorated natural tooth by an artificial one that is of excellent aesthetic and functional quality

The technique of placing one sole implant permits us to substitute a tooth without having to touch the adjacent healthy pieces, where in the traditional manner we would have to place a bridge. Another considerable advantage is that replacing a root with an artificial root we preserve the bone mass of the patient and we avoid that tissue is being reabsorbed; this means that no alterations take place in the anatomy of the patients’ mouth. In these cases it is always recommended to resort to an implant because the price of both treatments is similar.

Case 1: Unitary implant in young patient

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Case 2: Unitary 6 mm implant

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Case 3: Unitary implant

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Case 4: Unitary implant

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Case 5: Unitary implant and zircon crown

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