Cosmetic dentistry

It is not always necessary to practise surgery in order to obtain healthy and attractive teeth

In our consultation we not only realize dental remakes with implants. The aesthetical rehabilitation of natural teeth with ceramic crowns or fronts represent an important part of our clinical work. In this field our obligation to offer perfect quality is persistent and permanent.

In this day and age, we can say that we are one of the few consultations in Spain, that offer aesthetical rehabilitations using the exclusive Cerec System®. This system makes it possible for us to realize treatments with high quality aesthetical prostheses, in which no traditional metal alloys are being used.

Case 1: Individual crowns in gold and ceramics

Case 2: Metal-free crowns

Case 3: Metal-free ceramics

Case 4: Full ceramic cad-cam crown

Case 5: CAD-CAM customized metal-free crowns

Case 6:Unitary crowns Cad-cam

Case 7: Metal-fre ceramics