All ceramic and zircon crowns

Maximum aesthetics and biocompatibility

One of the most important advances in the field of Dentistry is the use of Zirconium to manufacture crowns to place on top of natural roots or as complete structures on implants, realizing a full rehabilitation.

Zirconium permits us to replace metal alloys and ceramics, which means a great advantage, when, until not too long ago, it was the only system used to realize this type of rehabilitation.

By substituting the metal parts in the dental structures a greater biocompatibility of the prosthesis has been achieved and is better tolerated by the gums. It also avoids allergic risks to metal in person who are sensitive in this respect.

Another important factor for recommending the ceramic prostheses in Zirconium is without a doubt the aesthetic aspect. The material is white and transparent, which enables us to make a prosthetic piece looking even more natural and luminous. Furthermore, because of the absence of metal in the structure under the enamel, the borders will never turn grey, not even when the gum tissue retracts a little bit due to ageing.

Case 1: Crowns made of zirconium and rehabilitated center sector

Implants and Zirconium crowns, central sectors of natural teeth, also with Zirconium crowns, metal-free, customized with the CAD-CAM system.

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Case 2: Full zircon rehabilitation with implants

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Case 3: Zircon crown

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