Bone and tissular regeneration

Procedures that permit the placement of an implant in the case of insufficient or low quality bone mass

Bone grafting is absolutely necessary when the quantity and the quality of the bone mass are insufficient to make a rehabilitation with implants possible.

Thanks to the technique of advanced surgery, meaning the lifting of the jaw bone and the use of membrane transplants, we can make it possible for patients, who normally would be advised not to resort to implants, can also be treated with success.

Although it is true that these techniques require an experienced dentist for the treatment to be a success, spectacular results are possible with this type of exquisite surgery.

Case 1: A Patient, 21 years old with a congenital absence of a dental piece

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Date of treatment: 1999

The patient presents a lateral agenesis (congenital absence of a tooth), together with defective bone mass, which makes it necessary to regenerate the bone in order to place an implant.

Case 2:Bone grafting and implant placement

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Fecha de la intervención: 1996.

Varón de 33 años con un importante defecto óseo en un molar posterior a una extracción.

Case 3:Full ceramic rehabilitation with implants

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