Aesthetic implantology

The challenge of obtaining a perfect smile

The aesthetic factor of a dental treatment is basic nowadays. Patients don’t accept and should not accept a result that only serves the correct functioning of the teeth. They also want to look great. Today healthy teeth are beautiful teeth. To guarantee the maximum aesthetic aspect in Implantology the following is necessary:

  • A global planning of the surgical and prosthetic phases.
  • A high level surgical practice, where the soft tissue and the bone mass are being treated with great respect.
  • An implant of excellent and known quality
  • A good study of the prosthetic rehabilitation, that considers the function and the aesthetic aspect.

The cases that we present in this section are complete rehabilitations on implants, using fixed prosthesis made of Zirconium and free of metallic alloys.

Case 1: Zircon rehabilitation with implants

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Case 2: Zircon rehabilitation with implants

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Case 3: Zirconium, metal-free with implants. Upper and lower maxilla

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