Dental dictionary

  • Periodontristy

    Periodontistry is the medical/surgical specialty of Dentistry that studies prevention, diagnose and treatment of diseases that affect the tissue that give support to the organs for the maintenance of health, function and aesthetics of the teeth and their adjacent tissues. Read more →

    Created: 06/03/2011 | Last revision: 06/03/2011

  • Zirconium crowns

    Zirconium, or more precisely Zirconium Oxide is a very biocompatible material that has a white color. These two qualities make it very interesting for its use in Dentistry. Over ther last years it has started being used for manufacturing high quality crowns and dental prostheses, as the properties of this material allow the elimination of the typical metal structures that were part of all… Read more →

    Created: 23/01/2011 | Last revision: 24/06/2011

  • Halitosis

    Halitosis is a health related problem that affects to a certain degree 50% of the population at some point during life. In chronic cases this pathology can become a major social problem for the person suffering from it. The main cause of bad breath is the putrefaction of bacteria suspended in the chemical substances within the mouth. We can divide halitosis in two main groups:.. Read more →

    Created: 12/01/2011 | Last revision: 24/06/2011

  • Apnea del sueño

    Apnea is an unintentional temporary interruption of breathing that takes place while asleep and that prevents oxygen from reaching the lungs properly due to a relaxation of the muscles around the throat. This pathology causes a disrupted sleep that is reflected by tiredness and lack of energy during the day. Apneas are directly linked to age, overweight and some particular physical builds,… Read more →

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  • Cad-cam dental

    The abbreviation CAD-CAM corresponds to the designation of Computer Aided Design- Computer Aided Manufacturing and refers to the industrial technology that utilizes sophisticated computer software and robots to manufacture high precision products. Within the dental sector there are several types of Cad-cam models for the elaboration of high quality dental pieces usually manufactured in… Read more →

    Created: 12/01/2011 | Last revision: 24/06/2011