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    What makes us different?

    • More than 20 year experience, avant-grade technology and continuous updating.
    • Cad-Cam in-house lab with qualified personal.
    • Zirconium and metal-free ceramic that provides maximum aesthetics and biocompatibility.
    • All syrgical and aesthetic specialities in the same clinic(we are experts on what we do, we don’t delegate in subcontracted personal)
    • Personal monitoring and global viewpoint of each patient needs.
    • Dr. Julian Cuesta

      Dentist, oral surgeon and prosthodontist

      Dr. Julián Cuesta is qualified in both medecine and dentistry. He is an oral surgeon and prosthodontist graduated at university of País Vasco Bilbao (spain) in 1986. He is a recognized expert in Oral Implantology, giving courses and holding conferences in Spain and abroad about surgery techniques, advanced prosthodontics, maxillary sinus lift procedures, bone grafting, immediate loading implants. His two private practices are located in Bilbao and Barcelona (Spain).Currently, aside from his work at the practices, he holds a yearly course of continuous education for dentists about Aesthetic Implantology and Oral Rehabilitation in Barcelona and Madrid and is also Mentor for Europe for the renowned american implant company Biomet 3i.